Writer’s Block

I have had a serious bout of writers block for the past week which you may have noticed. I am not entirely sure why but every time I went to write something I just drew a blank. So then I came up with the extremely clever and unique idea of ‘writing about not having anything to write about’. But then I took a look around some of the other fine blogs on WordPress and realised that this idea is far from original. Which brings me back to square one. I am sure a lot of ye have noticed two things at this stage. One, this blog post is just a whole lot of pointless rambling. And two, I am still writing about not having anything to write about. But either way I have managed to string together over 135 words so far.

It’s kinds like how college essays work, only without the random quotes which make it seem like you actually did some research.

I would like to thank anyone who has managed to read down this far without giving up. Your efforts are not without reward. Well that entirely depends on how you define the word ‘reward’. But I am going to post a song at the end of this, one you more than likely would not have heard today if you had read this post to the end.  Ah crap, now I have to think of a suitable song to post at the end of this. I am not making things easy on myself. Ok I might as well pick something by Dire Straits seeing as I have never posted any of their songs before. (Also according to my WordPress stats page I have one viewer from Brunei today. And as you may or may not know the leader of Brunei is called the Sultan) You know whats coming next.


32 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I don’t understand writers block nor do I believe in it. I could have problems working on one of my books at times but I have a billion other things I want to write that I’d have no problem writing. God this is probably going to make me have it. But not really if I ever felt that way I’d go get some Jack get good and drunk and make something happen to write about. Maybe you should just go out and do some shit and then you’ll have stuff to write about.(Not saying you aren’t, just a friendly suggestion.) Comedians and the like do that all the time. Why do you think they go on stupid trips where they go horse riding or some other dumb activity. Its because they have no material and then they can come back and tell the dumb story about dealing with their significant other and blah blah blah, its all a load of unimaginative dog shit. But hey if it helps why not.

    • I think you are spot on. I haven’t really done anything of note over the past few weeks. It is rainy season here in Ireland (Which is practically 11 and a half months of the year) so its hard to get out house and well do anything. Inspiration does draw almost entirely on life experience. One thing though, I would find it very hard to see the keys or even concentrate after a bottle of jack!!

    • I agree; writer’s block isn’t so much about not having anything to write as it is not knowing how to write what you want to write. If that makes sense. If I can’t finish my story about the fire breathing robot zombie killing machine, then I’ll pick up the one about the soft-hearted boxer/ballerina love story. Or something. You get the idea.
      Or, what I find most helpful: go enjoy some stuff that other people have done along the same lines. Write sci-fi? Go watch Star Trek. Can’t get the bridge for your thrash metal epic down? Listen to some Megadeth. By enjoying other people’s artistic efforts, you’ll often find your own rejuvenated; and not by stealing their ideas, by learning about what makes good art.

      • I agree but funny thing is sometimes I actually prefer to read/watch/listen to what is crap. It’s only my opinion of that material but I’ll read some book and be like this is god awful I can write way better than this and if not at least in a more interesting way. What was I so down on myself about. This crap made it.

  2. I know this feeling, I literally went a whole week without posting, even though I had ideas on what to review. Just couldn’t even start. Ah well, it happens eh. And great song choice!

  3. Nice one Keelan. Just committing to writing even if it’s nothing but to express your frustration and your current “block”, that’s writing in and of itself! Looking forward to the next one mate.

  4. Haha. It’s nice to no you can have writers block and still manage to write something. That’s often why I sometimes go a week or 2 without posting. Maybe next time I’ll follow a similar suit as you. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    • As obvious as it sounds, writing is the only cure for writer’s block. Even if what you are writing is a whole lot of nonsense haha. You should try it next time. It actually works wonders.

  5. And good things do come to those who wait….and read till the end…great video for the finish on the post about nada.

  6. Usually “writer’s block” for me is code for “waaaaah I’m lazy and I don’t wanna do it.” Of course, I really AM just being specific to me. I need to stop being so lazy, because if I become a journalist, the deadlines aren’t going to look kindly upon my slow pace. Not to mention the fact that once I start writing, I usually get flooded with ideas. It’s just about getting the motivation to put the pen to paper (or in this case, those fingers to the keys!).

    • I think laziness played some part for me also. Its funny with deadlines because I usually find that they are the perfect motivation to get work done. When there are no deadlines I usually put work off indefinably.

  7. I think when it occurs there is something going on inside. Something is bothering you even if you don’t realize it and your mind is trying to work it out. Sometimes you have to let it happen. That being said, I agree with some of the comments…even if you write about not having anything to write about, you are still writing…I do believe the quiet times are necessary to produce the productive times.
    When you are feeling productive write as much as you can and keep those posts as drafts for the slow times.

    • I am not sure if it’s a case of something going on deep inside, well not for me anyway. I just haven’t done anything interesting if the past week or so (Thanks to the Irish summer monsoon’s) I have never thought of stockpiling blog post before. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the advise.

  8. Sometimes, the thoughts just won’t make it to the fingers and into the file/onto the paper. I’ve been mulling over some stuff from the past and haven’t been able to make enough sense out of them to write about them. Eventually, it will all coalesce.

    Dire Straits was great…

    • It is frustrating when it happens. Usually a good opening few lines will set the ball rolling, but this isn’t always the case. Dire Straits was the only way I could think of making up for the blog post.

  9. I’ve never really had full on writer’s block because if I sit down to write then I’m usually able to get something together. My big problem is usually the act of actually sitting down and writing in the first place.

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  11. Sometimes I get the same problem with my book. Usually I just try not to force it because if I do, actually writing doesn’t seem as enjoyable. Good luck!

  12. Some time I have the same situation, where I just come up with a brillian idea that could bring a little fame to yourself, but then you realised the idea is far from original. But hey at least we can be proud that we able to find some thing brillian without researched or taught by someone else :)

  13. Writers block: conflicting ideas, lack of clarity, other things a person would rather do than sit and perform a boring task like writing, even on something interesting.
    It takes time to write something with quality. It always does.
    It’d be something to start on paper, away from the machine, and jot down everything. Then you can put everything in its place.

  14. Waiting for inspiration to hit…. can’t think of a thing. Oh well, it will come when it comes. Forcing myself to write doesn’t work for me. But then there are days when I sit down and write two or three posts. Thank goodness for delay publishing. I enjoyed your post and think I will go and read more!

  15. I get writer’s block quite a bit. Surprisingly, it’s usually when I’m working on a project that ‘s just for myself and not necessarily to share with anyone else. Is that weird?

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