Lunar Eclipse – A mini-drama about the killing of Osama Bin Laden (Part 1)

The following is a mini-drama, initially intended as a short radio play, about the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US special forces on the second of May 2011. The script is a short piece of historical fiction which follows the Navy Seals team who carried out ‘Operation Neptune Spear‘ (The codename for the mission). Before you  begin reading I should probably say that this is my first attempt at script writing. I hope you enjoy and I welcome all feedback, positive and negative, once it’s someway constructive. I have broken the play into two parts and I will post the second half tomorrow.

Lunar Eclipse – Part One

The scene opens in the back of a black hawk transport helicopter. The Navy Seals team are en-route to the Pakistani compound where Bin Laden is taking refuge. On the helicopter are Delta Leader, Buzz, Garrison and Cage.

Delta Leader:     Lights out! From this point on we are in full stealth mode. Do you copy?

Buzz:                     Affirmative sir, switching to full stealth.

Cage:                     How far out are we sir?

Delta Leader:     10 minutes to rendezvous.  Garrison how’s that sat link coming along?

Garrison:             Two minutes sir, I just have to…

Delta Leader:     That’s not good enough soldier, I needed that sat link two minutes ago!

Garrison:             Sorry sir, prepping the signal now.

[The sound of radio static cuts in.]

Radio:   Night Owl One, this is Night Owl do you copy?

Buzz:     This is Night Owl, go ahead.

Radio:   We have reached the rendezvous point, awaiting further instruction.

Buzz:     Remain in place Night Owl Two we are two clicks from your position.

Radio:   Understood.

[The static falls silent]

Garrison:             Sat link is up and running sir.

Delta Leader:     Good, patch me through to Washington.

Garrison:             Link is established, you can radio Washington on channel 4 on your coms device.

Delta Leader:     Mr President, do you read me? This is Captain Scott, Delta Leader.

President:           I hear you Scott. What is the status with the camera link?

Delta Leader:     [Removes the headset and addresses Garrison] Is the camera link running?

Garrison:             Affirmative, camera link is fully operational.

Delta Leader:     [He addresses everyone] Head cam’s on people!!

All Soldiers:         [In a collective mumbled response] Yes sir!

Delta Leader:     [To the President] You should have a fully functional video link Mr President.

President:           Very good. We will be watching over you from the White House Captain.  God Speed!

Delta Leader:     Yes Sir. I will radio you when we complete the mission, over and out.

Buzz:                     [Buzz cuts in] Two minutes to the rendezvous sir.

Delta Leader:     Cage, run through the final briefing.

Cage:                    Okay men listen up. We will be arriving at the rendezvous point in two minutes. There we will link up with Night Owl Two. From there we will proceed south for a further two clicks until we reach the compound. Night Owl Two will land in the  courtyard and neutralize any hostiles on the ground. We will land on the roof of the compound by zip wire. Garrison, Captain Scott and myself will enter the building through a flap on the roof terrace. Buzz you’ll stay with the chopper and provide cover fire just in case those towel-heads are expecting a fire fight. [He looks around the helicopter before asking] Any questions?

Garrison:             Sounds Good cage, but you left out the most important part.

Cage:                     And what might that be?

Garrison:           The part when we blow Bin Laden’s head off!!

Cage:                    Don’t you mean Geronimo?

[Boisterous exchanges follow]

[The radio interrupts]

Radio:                   Night owl one, what took you so long?

Buzz:                     [Sarcastically answers] The traffic was crazy.

Radio:                   [Laugh’s dryly] good one.

Delta leader:      Night owl Two are ye ready to roll out?

Radio:                   Weapons checked and loaded, let’s move out!

[The helicopters move out in formation towards the compound.]

Read part two here

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