Lunar Eclipse – Part 2

Part Two

If you haven’t read part one you can find it here

[ An alarm tone begins to sound as Night Owl One gets in position above Bin Laden’s compound]

Delta Leader:     Buzz I need a status report now? What is that alarm?

Buzz:                     We’ve entered a vortex ring. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep us in the air.

[The alarm intensifies as he speaks]

Delta Leader:     [Shouting over the alarm] how is this possible?

Buzz:                     The walls are too high. They are creating a vortex!

Delta Leader:     Can we complete our primary objective?

Buzz:                     Negative!

Delta Leader:     Garrison, radio night owl two, emergency protocol B.

Garrison:             Night Owl two, we are going down, Emergency protocol B, repeat emergency protocol…

Buzz:                     [Buzz interrupts] Brace for impact!!

[Night Owl one makes an emergency landing just outside the compound walls. The helicopter is badly damaged but no one is seriously injured. Night owl two follows emergency protocol and lands adjacent to Night Owl one to provide cover. Moments later the team emerge from the wrecked helicopter, unharmed minus a few cuts and bruises]

Delta Leader:     Medic!! [He gestures towards Cage]

Cage:                     Yes sir?

Delta Leader:     What’s your situation report?

Cage:                     No injuries to report sir. Garrison took a blow to the head but he seems to be fine. I’ll be monitoring for concussion.

Delta Leader:     And the chopper?

Cage:                     It seems to be totalled.

Delta Leader:     Damn!! Get me Anderson.

[Cage leaves to find Anderson]

Delta leader:      [Scott surveys the damaged helicopter, as he does he begins to talk to himself] what a mess. No doubt we’ve been spotted.

Anderson:           [Anderson interrupts] and that’s why we need to move now. We still have the element of surprise on our side.

Delta leader:      Assemble ‘Seal Team Six’ and take the compound. I’ll stay behind with my men and secure the only functional helicopter.  Use c4 to take down the north and east gates.  After that you know what to do.

Anderson:           Affirmative sir.

Delta Leader:     Radio me if you need back up.

[Anderson leaves calling his men into formation. Scott watches as Seal Team Six head towards the compound]

[Scott moves over to garrison who is sitting upright on the ground, holding an ice pack to his head]

Delta Leader:     How are you holding up Garrison?

Garrison:             Feeling fine sir. [Sensing Scott’s gaze on the ice pack] You know how protective Cage can be.

Delta leader:      [They both laugh] that’s good to hear, I need the damaged helicopter rigged with all the c4 we have, we can’t afford to even leave footprints behind after this mission.

Garrison:             Understood sir, will do.

Delta leader:      [Now addressing Buzz and Cage] we need to set up a defensive perimeter around the functioning helicopter. Buzz you will mount the 50 cal. on the side of the helicopter. That should make up for our lack of numbers.

[Time passes on as the silence is frequently broken by gunfire coming from the compound; suddenly a voice calls out from the helicopter radio]

Anderson:           Delta leader do you copy? This is Anderson. We have secured the target. Come in Delta Leader.

Delta Leader:     This is Delta Leader. Please confirm last transmission.

Anderson:           The target has been secured; we are proceeding towards the evac point.

Delta leader:      Understood, transport is prepped and ready. Good job.

[Turning to Garrison] Are the charges set?

Garrison:             Charges are primed sir.

Delta leader:      Stand by for my signal Garrison. Cage, try see if you can get Washington on the radio?

Cage:                     [Fiddles with the radio] I have a signal sir, patching you through now.

Delta Leader:     Mr President, mission was a success. I repeat, the mission was a success. All hostiles have been pacified.

President:           Great job…We got him!

[Before the radio conversation concludes Anderson and Seal Team Six return. They are escorting a bound man with a hood over his head]

Delta leader:      Wait Mr President, we have a problem.

President:           Go on.

Delta leader:      The target has not been neutralized.

President:           [He briefly pauses before letting out a short bemused laugh] of course the target has not been neutralized.  He’s life is far too valuable…

Delta leader:      But I don’t understand…

President:           There is nothing to understand. As far as you, and the rest of the world are concerned, Bin Laden died tonight.

Delta leader:      But… Am…

President:           Look Scott, you already know too much. There’s no going back now. Do I make myself clear?

Delta Leader:     [Pauses for a moment] Yes sir.

President:           Good, now you and Anderson will escort the package back to base, where you will be debriefed.

Delta Leader:     Yes, Mr President.

President:           Oh, and Scott, one more thing.

Delta Leader:     [Waits for the president to finish]

President:           Simile. You just killed Osama Bin Laden.

[The radio falls silent]

The End

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