127 Hours

127 Hours is a gripping fact based film about the rock climber Aron Ralston(James Franco) and his struggle to survive against the odds after his arm became wedged in a mountain/canyon. This is a static film with the majority of the story taking place in the one spot, the rocky tomb in which Ralston was encased in. With spectacular colourful shots and a gripping plot this is truly another great film for Danny Boyle to add to his list.

If you have heard of 127 Hours  but haven’t seen it yet then you are probably wondering how a film about a man trapped in a canyon can be so good. Well this is the magic if the film. Danny Boyle somehow manages to take one bleak set, contrast it with the golden vivid colours of the desert and canyon’s add in some very clever camera angles and creates a masterpiece. He uses a series of flashbacks, but not in the conventional form, to fill the dark spaces and enlighten us of Ralston’s back-story and history. This helps the film move beyond the dreary canyon. Also the contrast between the happy memories of the people he is leaving behind and the dark isolation of the canyon is a very interesting technique as it makes the viewer aware of the personal loss and isolation being felt by Ralston. The water bottle camera is a favourite of mine. Boyle has the genius idea of placing a camera in the bottom of Ralston’s water bottle. This gives us an in-depth view of his only source of survival as it is depleted drop by drop. This film is basically based on survival. We see one man’s struggle against dehydration and insanity as his 127 hours of entrapment are documented by his handheld camcorder. As I already said, this is a true story and as a result the plot conclusion is known by a large amount of people before watching the film. But this does not take away from the impact of the final scene. This is another point scored by Danny Boyle.

127 Hours is an inspiring film with excellent direction. The great role played by James Franco and the collection of innovative shots and camera angles all combine to create this interesting film.


6 responses to “127 Hours”

  1. This is another movie in a long list of movies I want to see. I wish I was rich so I could spend more time watching and reviewing movies!


  2. Another favourite of mine. Franco is superb, he manages to carry the whole film entirely on his shoulders. Not on dull moment, as far as I’m concerned.
    Like your critique as well. True, the cinematography is superb. I especially loved the dream sequence where he thinks he manages to free himself.
    That real guy was really brave, I saw his interview a couple years ago or so, before I heard about this movie.


  3. I watched this film. To be honest, it was disturbing but it was a real story. No comment, just respect.


    1. I understand that some scenes were not easy to watch. But it all add to individual struggle and sacrifice to survive. Thanks for reading.


  4. Wow, I watched the trailer. I have got to watch this. I have no idea what happens to the guy as far as if he survives or not so I am going to try and not look that up before seeing it too. Great reviews by the way. I think I will follow your site now.


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    Very nice write up! I had wanted to see this….now I will. 🙂


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