Gettin’ me act together with all these blogging shenanigans

I realise that I have been neglecting my blogging duties lately. This would have been entirely acceptably in the past, but now that I have followers, 2 to be exact, so I will have to get my act together and write more. Now I’m not sure if followers are a rare indication of talent or merely as common as flies on a sunny day, but I won’t be letting the fact that I am being ‘followed’ go to my head. Sure I’m a long way off the establishment of my new cult, that will require at least 5 followers… But enough about that.

I have been reading through some interesting blog’s online and I’ve noticed that my own blog bears no comparison. This of course could be a good thing, meaning that my blog is unique and original. But in reality my blog is cold, lacking a personal touch. As this is my first real blogging endeavour I feel that I have completely missed the point. Up till now I’ve been showcasing a random selection of writing’s which lacked a personal voice. The very point of a blog is to be personal, a bit like an online communal diary. So that’s the plan from now on. A bit of an early new years resolution, so let’s see if it goes anywhere.

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