Gettin’ me act together with all these blogging shenanigans

I realise that I have been neglecting my blogging duties lately. This would have been entirely acceptably in the past, but now that I have followers, 2 to be exact, so I will have to get my act together and write more. Now I’m not sure if followers are a rare indication of talent or merely as common as flies on a sunny day, but I wont be letting the fact that I am being ‘followed’ go to my head. Sure I’m a long way off the establishment of my new cult, that will require at least 5 followers… But enough about that.

I have been reading through some interesting blog’s online and I’ve noticed that my own blog bears no comparison. This of corse could be a good thing, meaning that my blog is unique and original. But in reality my blog is cold, lacking a personal touch. As this is my first real blogging endeavour I feel that I have completely missed the point. Up till now I’ve been showcasing a random selection of writing’s which lacked a personal voice. The very point of a blog is to be personal, a bit like an online communal diary. So that’s the plan from now on. A bit of an early new years resolution, so lets see if it goes anywhere.

Finally in terms of my master plan to link every film title on my film list page to a review. This may still go ahead. I’ve been slow to write reviews so far. And I have 190 films watched since the start of 2011, senna being the most recent. I think the new plan which would be more productive would be to write short concise reviews of the films. I no longer will be giving plot synopsis’, sure you can find them anywhere online. Maybe this way i can actually fill up the film page and have a half decent bank of reviews. Sure we’ll see, time will tell:-)So to conclude. This blog will, from this point on, be used for good and not evil. Or something like that. Let me try to rephrase this without sounding too ‘cheesy’. Basically from now on I’ll try to treat this as a blog and not a website. P.s. Hopefully I will have the film review project completed by this time next year. Well that unless I watch another 200 plus films in 2012. In that case this vicious circle will never be complete…

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