Apocalypse Now…at a glance

Francis Ford Coppola initially directed this film with strong anti-war themes as the focal point. This film is very graphic in the portrayal of anti-war imagery and symbolism. However, there seems to be a sway in modern thinking as many people believe that Apocalypse Now glorifies war. This is down to the sensibility of the … Continue reading Apocalypse Now…at a glance

Virtual Reality: Theory or Possibility

Virtual reality is based on the ever persisting struggle between free will and determinism. The concept of free will centres on the ideals of choice. It is believed that modern society is built on the principles of free will and choice. However I find it hard to agree with this statement as our society’s free … Continue reading Virtual Reality: Theory or Possibility

Happy New Year (Yes I know its February)

Happy New Year everyone. Yeah I know I'm a bit late, well unless of course your Chinese, in which case Happy Chinese New Year. Well I'm not Chinese, you probably guessed from my name. And I'm not mad, well that's what the voice in my head keeps telling me anyway. So why the 'happy new … Continue reading Happy New Year (Yes I know its February)

The population of the universe is actually zero


I was recently reading a book by Douglas Adams called 'The Restaurant at the end of the Universe'. It is the follow up to 'The hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy'  and defiantly surpasses it in more way than one. But that debate is for another day. Well anyway upon reading the book I came across … Continue reading The population of the universe is actually zero

My Personal War On Text Speak


So I've started to notice that grammar and spelling seems to be on a downward slope nowadays. By which I mean that young kids have forsaken 'Ye Ole English' in favor of  the ever popular 'txt spk' (or text speak for all those not fluent in the new slang) There have even been cases of … Continue reading My Personal War On Text Speak