My Personal War On Text Speak

So I’ve started to notice that grammar and spelling seems to be on a downward slope nowadays. By which I mean that young kids have forsaken ‘Ye Ole English’ in favor of  the ever popular ‘txt spk’ (or text speak for all those not fluent in the new slang) There have even been cases of ‘txt spk’ outbreak in schools, both primary and secondary level with some students opting to use it to answer questions on their english exam papers. And so like all problems, there must be a source, a reason for this grammatical regression. And if your to believe the reports, the fault lies with the humble mobile phone.

Sure, it is fair to say that text speak first raised its ugly head on a mobile phone. There is no disputing that phones are somewhat responsible. But the original purpose of using short phonetic code in lieu of words was to counteract the high cost of sending a text message. It was never seen as a language substitution. But now in the era of free text’s for all the language of text has become a sort of lazy man’s guide to the english language and has resulted in high cases of illiteracy in young students.

But is all this really down to a mobile communication’s device? Or do the roots of this problem run far deeper?personally I believe that phones are not solely responsible. How can they be? the user ie the texter has complete control over the message content. The inability to spell is not a reasonable excuse either as most, if not all phones come equipped with a predictive text function which practically spells the word for you.

As a writer (well I’m not sure what constitutes being a writer, but I like to think I am one anyway) Where was I? Oh Yeah. As a writer, I have recently set myself the task of composing a short story, start to finish, on my mobile phone. My story, Heavy Rain, does not centre on ‘txt spk’, mobile phones, illiteracy or any of that. It is just as any other story that I have written before, only I am substituting endless sheets of paper and a laptop for my mobile phone.

The intent of this short story is not to highlight the problems associated with ‘txt spk’. But simply to show how in the right hands a mobile phone can b usd 2 do gud:p


P.S. I have encountered my first problem with zoolanderwriting a short story on my phone. As I currently do not have any credit or a USB cable, I have no way of getting the short story off my phone and posting an excerpt here.  I will however post a sample from ‘Heavy Rain’ once I find a way of getting it off the phone, without having a ‘Zoolander’ moment that is.

7 thoughts on “My Personal War On Text Speak

  1. Hi Keelan,
    Thanks for visiting my blog

    I also lament the shortening of words. English is being decimated these days. Language is a changing thing, but this downhill slide in all aspects of writing – grammar, spelling, and composition – is mind-boggling.

    Best of luck with your story on the phone. May I suggest ice for your thumbs?



      1. Methinks this argues for a new – free – phone. At least you can have some peace, for a while anyway. I’ve come to think of my phone as a long umbilical cord that resists all attempts to snip it. Seriously, your thumbs will thank you – mine gave me trouble after a point.


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