Virtual Reality: Theory or Possibility

Virtual reality is based on the ever persisting struggle between free will and determinism. The concept of free will centres on the ideals of choice. It is believed that modern society is built on the principles of free will and choice. However I find it hard to agree with this statement as our society’s free will may be pre-determined. An example of this would be the use of subliminal messaging and censorship. Modern society may appear to be built on the concept of free will but this seems to be no more than an elaborate hoax used as a means of control by higher authorities. I believe that this deluded notion may be imprinted in public as a form of deterrent to quash dissidents and treats to power or simply as a tool to drive a consumer society i.e. advertisements. At the other side of this concept of virtual reality, there is determinism. The main ideals of determinism are that everything has been determined in advance. This concept can appear in both hard and soft forms just as virtual reality itself. Determinism may have strong social standing and importance in countries under tough regimes such as China, where the government, power structure, would exert total power and thus determine the outcome of certain events. But in my opinion it is impossible to determine every event in advance. In saying this, the majority of people put emphasise and importance in scientific determinism to explain and rationalise events in their lives. I believe that they seek approval and assurance in the normal and explained aspects of life even though they live in a proxy society of free will.


Virtual reality is renowned as for being an amazing concept. But at this time virtual reality is no more than a concept. It remains unknown if it will ever work. The human being will have to become immune to its senses in order for virtual reality to take effect. In my opinion this would be a near impossible task for the human body to carry out. Human mental and physical processes would have to be separated as the mind enters a new reality. In order for virtual reality to work, the human perception would have to be altered. This, in my opinion, would be very dangerous as people’s perception of reality may be dehumanized as would their ability to differentiate between good and evil.


Finally, for virtual reality to work, technology would need to replace sensory organs. Objects like the camera would have to replace the eye. I think that this would be an impossible feat as the camera is an object that needs direction where as the eye does not. Also organs like the ear would be replaced by the microphone. I think that this would be impossible as the microphone cannot prioritize sound where as the ear can.

De facto, virtual reality is an amazing concept where the human mind can be transported to different and abstract settings and locations. De jure, the human subconscious is a complex organism which would be very difficult for technology to alter or suppress. Virtual reality is a very interesting theory and it remains unknown if it will ever be more than this.

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