A song for the weekend: The Black Keys

Title: Stop Stop

Artist: The Black Keys

Album: El Camino

Taken from The Black Keys new album, El Camino, this track seems to be on its way to ‘single success’ in a multitude of ways. ‘Stop Stop’ is a musical showcase for the band, exhibiting their trademark guitar sound aswell as some highly infectious upbeat lyrics. This is in more ways than one, ‘A song for the weekend’. Weather you are heading out or staying in, this song is sure to put you in the perfect mood. But don’t just take my word for it.


One response to “A song for the weekend: The Black Keys”

  1. […] apart with there newest album El Camino. I already covered the Black Keys in a previous ‘song for the weekend‘ feature, my first one actually. I previously wrote about ‘Stop Stop’, an […]


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