Technology and Emotion

The ideals of technology and emotion centre around two key questions. Can technology have emotion? And can technology generate emotion? To answer both of these questions emotion must first be defined. Emotion may be seen as the publicly recognised states of the human organism where ones internal feelings would be projected outwards. These can be projected through desires or actions. Emotions and feelings are intertwined as feelings are the internal version of emotions and vice versa. Emotion provides us with a means to project outwards. Emotion has a direct link with art. Personal expression can also be seen as a generator of emotion which leads us to the question, how does art generate emotion? Art can be the creator and satisifier of emotions in a controlled metaphysical environment. The idea of art being a generator of emotion is directly linked to the concept of mimesis. Mimesis, like virtual reality, is an imitation of reality. Film is the leading art form in the artistic generation of emotions. Books and drama are also strong generators of emotion. These art forms use mimesis to transport the person viewing them into a virtual created by the art itself i.e. a film viewer might relate to the main character and imagine themselves in the same circumstances. Also the main feelings of the art work may be transported and displayed through the spectator. Film theory uses images, symbols and emotions to fill human emptiness. Spectators of films experience a brief feeling of completeness. In my opinion film can provide a fantasy world or situation to create a human wholeness. Film may also be used as a form of escapism where people could remove themselves from their average life and be transported into a fictional world of excitement.

So, coming back to the key questions raised. Can technology have emotion? I feel that technology can contain emotion i.e. film. But can technology generate emotion? In my opinion technology cannot generate emotion by itself. Technology needs human interface and input to generate emotion. So in conclusion, technology can possess emotion but cannot generate it.

4 thoughts on “Technology and Emotion

  1. Dear Keelan

    Really enjoying your blog. I cannot compete with you in mastering English language, as I am a native Russian speaker. Nevertheless your questions of technology and emotions provoked my further thinking. You said, that technology can possess emotion but cannot generate it.

    I think that technology can easily generate emotions.

    Have you ever thought of old French luxury brands, like, for example, Cartier? They are masters in making their clients dream about their products. It is usual to feel strong emotions in a dream. The luxury products incorporate a lot of innovation and technology, thus they generate strong emotions in us. Take high jewelry making, it is based on ancient know-how (“savoire-faire”) and on modern technology. The unique blend of both gives birth to inspiring objects that makes women to dream about possessing them.
    You like movies, so you might like a movie L’Odyssée from Cartier, that was also made using technology, but it generates emotions. Russian princess, precious materials, gold, diamonds, Indian fairytales, beauty…

    All the best!


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