New Media Vs Old Media

In looking at both new and old media we must first investigate the concept of social agency and how it centres around both topics. With old media the social agency focuses on the owners of the media institutions. However it is much harder to pinpoint the social agency within new media. With new media there is a more democratic distribution of material and thus it is harder to determine a fixed owner. With the consumption of media and other information there are two competing schools of thought. One being that priority should be given to written expression and the other school of thought led by Plato believes that priority should be given to the present speaker. I agree with Plato because it would be possible to question the present speaker in order to extract information and validate the points raised.

In terms of new media vs. old media it is quiet apparent that new media will subsequently be the down fall of old media. Old analogue forms of media such as print newspapers and books are already being replaced by new media formats such as the internet. New media also allows consumers to engage with texts and voice their opinions which fall under the cult of the amateur where everything you say is important. But is new media really new? Or is it just a new way of delivering old media? Writing is a good example of this as it is a in a constant state of flux. This new age of post modernity aids new media as history and tradition don’t feature in post modern thinking.

It is believed that new media is responsible for the process of globalisation as greater access to the worlds population allows the cross contamination of culture, where eventually a common consumer society arises. It is also believed that new media and technology will advance us into a post-industrial western society. This was apparent from the 80s onwards with the advent of computers and the closure of mines and other extractive industries. This is also clear as industry has become more service orientated with most heavy industries either fully or semi automated. A final view of new media is that it is weakening the power structure of western states. There have been instances before where new technology such as the internet was used to disseminate political power, such as Iran. The internet may be an outlet for dissent but the disseminaters can be easily identified and closed down. The internet may appear to be avenue for personal for self expression but in reality this is not so, especially with the advanced monetarism of some states.

7 thoughts on “New Media Vs Old Media

    1. I’m not sure if its a black and white case of better or worse. At a heartbeat id blurt out ‘old media’. But if it wasn’t for the advent of ‘new media’ then I wouldn’t have this blog or the ability to share my writing with people from every corner of the world.


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