A song for the Weekend: Easy Money

Title: Easy Money

Artist: Bruce Springsteen

Album: Wrecking Ball

The Boss is back, And this time its Personal!! Okay maybe it was always personal, but this time its more personal..somehow? A certain expression about digging holes is coming to mind right now, but we’ll press on. Wrecking Ball is the newest musical offering form Springsteen. The album is hard hitting, like any good wrecking ball should be, and also explores areas that other artists are afraid to, also like any good wrecking ball? Am ok I’m going to drop that analogy now. But seriously getting back to the music.. Bruce Springsteen is the symbol of the hard working man, there’s no denying that fact. In the past his music has always tip toed around the issues inflicting the hard working common man/woman/other, I don’t want to offend anyone here. Springsteen has always managed to deliver important issues through a  populist medium, I don’t just me music. Bruce has te uncanny ability to deliver hard hitting, there is no escaping the wrecking ball analogy,  and sometimes controversial issues whilst maintaining his popularity and selling out many a world tour.

His new album, which I’m sure will also be successful and help to sell out many more world tours, is more direct than usual. He seems to have left out the sweetener with this new dose of medicine. It seems that Bruce has given up dancing around controversial issues. His hatred for ‘White Collar Criminals’ so to say, is very clear and apparent in the new album. It is also clear in the above song ‘Easy Money’. I’m not sure if this global recession has brought about an all new hard hitting, there’s no escaping this, Bruce, or prehaps its only a momentary venting of anger and suppressed anger. Well my fingers are crossed for the former. If this economic downturn has brought about a new Bruce with a stronger social leaning, then prehaps things may not be so bad… Well we still will find it hard to find employment, put food on the table and so on, but at least we’ll have a good soundtrack.

4 responses to “A song for the Weekend: Easy Money”

    • Thanks for your comment and reading my blog. Yeah I can’t say that I am a huge Springsteen fan either but I have recently received his entire discography, so I’ll give him a fair trial anyway before making up my mind.


  1. Great post on The Boss, this sounds more country than his othe stuff. Like yourself i’m not a big follower of his music, but with the charts flooded with a lot of dross and the TV talent shows churning out the same pop puppets it’s good to hear something that dosen’t have “baby, baby, baby” through the opening chours and end.


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