I’m not Dead, Just enjoying the Sunshine!!

Hey everyone, just a quick post to let ye all know that I am in fact still alive, contrary to all those rumors going around. Ok maybe there were no rumors, but I’m trying to explain my blogs absence of recent posts and I thought I’d spice thing up a little bit. Well the real reason for my lack of writing is down to the abnormal appearance of an orange glowing orb of light which has been dominating the Irish skyline for the past week. I believe it’s called ‘The Sun’ or something like that. Well this sun has been emitting a great amount of heat, or ‘Sunshine’, and I felt that It was my duty as a pale skinned Irishman to absorb as much of that heat as humanly possible. Now I wasn’t sure when I first found out, but apparently this ‘sun’ was around before. The video below shows legendary 60’s band, The Kinks, actually singing about it. I can’t say how long this ‘Heat Wave’ will last, but I plan on getting the most out of it. Which means more time outdoors and less time glued to my laptop. But don’t fear, the farmers are busy in their fields reciting intricate rain dances, and April is around the corner. And April does tend to bring the rain to our humble green country so I’ll be blogging again in no time.

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