I have recently joined up with the journalistic news website Intentious is a news site but not in the conventional form. They strive to provoke argument and debate through the coverage of controversial issues and stories. Intentious have a talented group of writers and I am glad to become the 13th member.

What is Intentious?

Content you find on Intentious may or may not reflect the personal view of the author.

Intentious is not a slave to political correctness. Intentious is a controversial news sharing site solely dedicated to reporting on important current news and issues that breed strong opinions, contention, bias, debate, discussion and conflicting personal interests. Our team of editors select content to deliberately incite a passionate response from our readers. Your blood may boil at times, or you may feel that sharing your opinion on an article is simply unavoidable.

Intentious aims to provide a platform for the free expression of the voice of the people through uncensored commentary and provoking opinion.

I have just published my first article on, Ireland: The slave capital of Europe. Be sure to pop over and check it out.

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  1. Just checked out Intentious – seems like a lot of thought-provoking material there, so I’m following now. Thanks for posting about them/being a contributor, as I’m looking forward to seeing what’s covered there. One thing you may want to check on, though – the link in your post doesn’t work. It send me to, not Intentious.


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