Irish Rail Safety Ad (What were they thinking?)

I spotted this television ad last summer and haven’t stopped laughing since. I know this sounds odd seeing as I am talking about a rail safety advertisement. But If you watch it I’m sure you’ll be laughing for the next few mouths also. Ireland is not a country synonymous with rail disasters, and we sure don’t drive around on scooters, like in some Mediterranean city.Β  But someone out there in a moment of extreme stupidity, or creativity, has decided to combine these elements with some over the topΒ  jovial music and a gruesome shot of a man being crushed by a train.

I only ever saw the ad once, and had some struggle trying to convince people, and myself,Β  that I did see it. But now I’ve found it on YouTube and so I have decided to share it with everyone. Enjoy πŸ™‚

42 thoughts on “Irish Rail Safety Ad (What were they thinking?)

  1. I enjoy Irish “health and safety” ads immensely. They are so much more vicious then the ones we have in the states and for some reason, they grab my attention, no matter how incorrect or ridiculous they are. This rail one has me laughing quite a bit. I lived in Ireland for a year, so I’m kind of shaking my head in confusion as well. Although I did see a Vespa…once…I think…


  2. Ha! I think film makers must have mastered the “getting hit by bus/train” special FX trick back around 2004. I remember seeing it in like three teen movies that year (“Mean Girls” and “How to Deal”, off the top of my head). I guess the technology made it over to Southeast Asia half a decade later, because when I was visiting Cambodia this Brit was going off about how all of their pop music videos end with a girl getting run over by something or other.


      1. All of it…the sing-songy music…the various other tasks completed just as haphazzardly with no repercussions…then BLAM…poor guy’s caboose gets slammed to the place where bad things happen.


  3. Priceless! Very funny. Reminds me of that video with “Jesus” singing “I Will Survive” and getting hit at the end!

    Though, I’m not sure which is funnier: the guy getting hit, or the really cheesy music. πŸ™‚


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