Day 02 – Your least favourite song

Hmm.. I suppose this is where I post a lot of annoying crap by One Direction and Justin Bieber. Well I’m not going to do that. Yes I am aware that the title is ‘Your Least Favourite Song’ and I publicly welcome anyone  reading to come to my house and shoot me the day that I find myself succumbing to the virus’s mentioned above. (By virus I am of course referring to One Direction and Bieber. And the whole thing about shooting me is not to be taken literally, It is in fact a figure of speech)

I believe that its only fair to select my least favourite song on the basis that I have listened to it fully on more than one occasion ( which immediately eliminates all above mentioned musical geniuses, I mean musical travesties of course)  And so getting back to my least favourite song. I believe that the best place to start would be with my least favourite singer. Ed Sheeran. And my least favourite song by him? Well there are so many to choose from, sorry Ed, but the stand out tune in my head has to be ‘ You need me, I don’t need you’. And so for those of you who aren’t nodding your head in silent agreement, I shall explain why. Well first and foremost, Ed Sheeran , in my mind is arrogance personified. That may be a bit harsh, I don’t know that lad after all. But arrogance just seems to be the general vibe I get off him.  My final argument hinges entirely on the song below. Just click play and you will see, or rather hear, why exactly I do not like this song. It’s just terrible.

And now with all my ranting I’ve gone over time and I am now officially on Day 03. Awell, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t. Oh and for any Ed Sheeran fans reading this:


32 responses to “Day 02 – Your least favourite song”

  1. Never heard of the guy but that is indeed one very annoying track. I’m sure that there’s much worse out there though!
    Take for example (off the top of my head) Surfin Bird or My Humps or My Heart Will Go On or Barbie Girl… or pretty much everything thats come out in the last two decades in the majority of the pop scene actually now that I think on it… huh… man my generations going to be remembered for some really crap music. dammit…


  2. You don’t know how lucky you are to have the luxury of ignoring Justin Bieber. I have a pre-teen daughter and I have had to hear that twerp on a semi-regular basis for the last year or two. It’s almost physically painful.

    I am only marginally aware of Ed Sheerhan but if the song you posted is anything to go by, I ain’t missing much.


    • I don’t know if its fair to judge this song since I didn’t get past the first minute. But I think the fact that I never got past the first minute says it all really 🙂 Where did you find that song??


      • Lynch is movie director (I’m not a fan) who ventured into music, and I heard people talking about the cd. if you thought the song was bad you should watch the music video:

        I have to assume he financed himself haha :p


  3. I can’t say that I’m a particular fan of Ed Sheeran either.

    The likes of One Direction and Justin Bieber probably fit into the category of ‘most irritating songs’ especially when you get ‘If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go’ repeating itself in your head for the rest of the week, after hearing Bieber’s latest offering played on the radio 100x per day.


  4. Wow, this really was bad! I was captured by the alluring title, thinking “who would write about their LEAST favorite song?”

    Now I know why …

    (and thanks for the Like, by the way, you have a great blog going on here!)


      • Yeah, I was referring to the song, haha 😀 Great post though, I wouldn’t have thought about making that kind of post myself 😛


  5. thanks for the likes:) I’m relieved to hear I’m not the only one bemused by Ed Sheeran – I mean I like gentle folk rock, but I just find his music so far insipid. Nothing against him personally, just not a fan!

    Bieber is starting to impress more. He’s moving into a Timberlake vibe, which is way better than the usual teeny, off-key nursery rhymes, so he may yet get a career out of it…

    cheers n good luck with the writings!


  6. Are you sirious?!?!?! I mean, if you REALLY understand the song it talks about Ed as singer and these new bullshit… like One Direction that only have songs about parties and love. ugh, so annoying. That’s my opinion.


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