Day 04 – A song that makes you sad

When I think of sad songs, one truly stands out. This song is devastating in its nature and always manages to reach  into the dark sadness contained deep within me. Like a dark black cloud of misery, this song has followed me through my life. Managing to make my dark days that much darker. What is this dark depressing song that I am describing? Well I have embedded it below. But before you watch I must stress that this song is not for the faint heated and may plunge you into a deep unbreakable gloom.

52 responses to “Day 04 – A song that makes you sad”

  1. I love this song. A song that makes me sad is “Fields of Gold” sung by Eva Cassidy. I cry every time. IDK why.


  2. Don’t Think Me Odd For Saying This…
    …But Each AND Every Time I Used To Hear “MY WAY” Performed By ELVIS PRESLEY, I’d Cry. I Love The Song, And It’s Been Done Over And Over By Many Different Folks…
    …But NONE Move Me Like When ELVIS Sings It.
    To This Day, I Get Misty When Hearing It.
    Perhaps I AM Odd???


  3. “Walking on Sunshine”, by Katrina and the Waves. Perky enough to drive anybody to run amok with with a frying pan and go noggin-flogging.

    Thanks for the like!


  4. we had a “sad song” little community CD where we each selected what we thought were the saddest songs and compiled them…mine were “Fur Alina” by Arvo Part, and “John Wayne Gacy” by Sufjan Stevens – enjoyed this


  5. Hi Keelan,
    Not to sound cheesy, but the ultimate song that makes me cry is Without you by U.2 ( and plenty by Linkin Park’s: Numb, Iridescent…). Thanks for liking my blog’s entry btwn. 🙂


  6. i can’t remember the name of it, but it’s an oldy. the one about the guy and his girlfriend who were in a car crash and she died. it ends with him saying he has to be good so when he dies he can be with his baby. makes me tear up every time.


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