The Radar: Coming Soon

So as I mentioned earlier, I now am going to dedicate a portion of my blog to new or undiscovered bands and musicians. As you have probably guessed I am going to call this section ‘The Radar’. The aim’s of this section is to hopefully get some of the great bands out there onto the ‘music radar’ so to say. A few bands have already signed up to be reviewed. If you would like to be included then please leave me a comment below.

Hopefully ‘The Radar’ will be launched by the end of the week (most likely Saturday, but I’m not making any promises. Assembling a fully functional radar satellite dish can be tricky and time-consuming) The first band to be on ‘The Radar’ will be Raving Wild, an acoustic indie band from the UK. They are a very talented band so be sure to come back and check it out.

21 thoughts on “The Radar: Coming Soon

    1. My aim is to promote all the unnoticed talent out there rather than criticize or judge anyone. Some very talented bands have already signed up so it should be a very interesting project.


      1. He is good, his sound is like Roxy Music “If there is something” for me.

        I feel same things when I listen to him.


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