Day 09 – A song that you can dance to

I’m really starting to lose interest with this song challenge. I know its only been 9 days but some of these topics are just pointless. A song that I can dance to? Yeah as if I like to put on the iPod and pop and lock around the house when nobody’s looking. But still, I started so I will finish. It may take more that 30 Days but we’ll get there in the end.

And so this brings us on to Day 07, A song that I can dance to. It was either this of Riverdance and all I’m going to say is don’t knock it till you try it. So I will leave you in the capable hands of Jim Morrison and The Doors. The song is ‘Whisky Bar’ or ‘The Alabama Song’ depending on your preference. Enjoy 🙂

Oh and be sure to check back tomorrow for the second round of The Radar where I will be showcasing ‘Vows’.

9 responses to “Day 09 – A song that you can dance to”

  1. OK, I’m going to date myself a bit….I danced to “Whisky Bar” at my 18th birthday party back in 1967. Wow. And they said rock and roll wouldn’t last….”they” being my parents! Excellent choice.


  2. I’m with Eloise on this one~! thanks for the follow … Let the music play on… try some Motown for some dancing … ohhhh let the music speak the Universal connection of the soul~! yep I’ll have to say Eloise nailed it on the review here! LOL


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