Regina Spektor – What we saw from the cheap seats


What We Saw from the Cheap Seats is the sixth studio album by Russian–American singer-songwriter Regina Spektor. The album comes after a three year musical drought following the 2009 release  of her album 'Far'. 'What We Saw From The Cheap Seats' is a  bizarre roller-coaster ride that takes us through almost every facet of Spektor's … Continue reading Regina Spektor – What we saw from the cheap seats

Pilgrimage to the Red City (Liverpool)

OK let me set the scene. It's a few days before your 18th birthday, lets just say its 4 days before for argument's sake. So 4 days before your birthday, and you are given the ultimate birthday present, match tickets to go see Liverpool, the mighty reds, take on West Ham. But it gets better … Continue reading Pilgrimage to the Red City (Liverpool)

The Radar Has Moved

I have decided to expand a little and move The Radar to its own blog. I am aware that I have only reviewed two bands so far and this move may be a bit premature.  But I feel that the best option is to give The Radar is own space to grow. I will also … Continue reading The Radar Has Moved

Michael MacLennan – Wolves

'Wolves' is the debut album release from Scottish singer-songwriter Michael MacLennan. 'Wolves' is  an eclectic mix of both vocal and musical ability and the intricate blend of both effortlessly guides us through the album. Michael Maclennan has spent years honing his craft and is now ready to explode, or more rather saunter delicately, onto the … Continue reading Michael MacLennan – Wolves

A song for the weekend: A Pack of Three

Why have one when you have three? Then why settle for three when you can have fifty? Well there are two reasons for that. The first being that WordPress would probably crash and the second being that I could not be bothered sorting through fifty music videos. So you will have to settle for three. … Continue reading A song for the weekend: A Pack of Three