Introducing: Vows

This week we will be putting Vows, an indie collaboration form New Jersey , in the spotlight. ‘Vows started as a project independently pursued by Nillo and Bone Blanket of Crystal Mountain Music Collective. The duo are accompanied by three other members of CMMC to perform the music of Vows and continue to write.’  Vows describe themselves as ‘a DIY dream pop duo’ and their debut album Winter’s Grave, released this time last year, has provided an abundance of review material to choose from. It was no easy task but I have managed to select two  tracks  to bring to you this week.

  • Parallel

Parallel, in my opinion, is the stand out track from the album. It is an eclectic mix of vocals and strings in a sort of ‘Radiohead’ meets ‘The Bravery’ kind of way. The track is a slow builder, starting low and slowly works its way up towards an interesting change in intensity and tempo. We are given a quick break to digest the lyrics and before you can ask yourself ‘Is that it?’ Parallel immediately kicks back at the familiar starting point. Parallel is ghostly and deep with interesting lyrics such as  ‘Hold me down till I drown in you‘. It is a memorable track and is sure to stay with you long after you’ve listened to it.

  • Born a Wolf

Born a Wolf is another great tune from Vows. Similar in its style to Parallel, it contains the bands unique vocal and musical stylings. The song also contains the bands almost signature tempo changes which aids in the lead up to the ‘catchy’ and interesting chorus. Other great tunes on the album, Winter’s Grave, that I never got to mention are ‘Queen Baby’ and ‘Winter’s Grave’. You can check all of their music over on their website You can also find them on Facebook.


4 responses to “Introducing: Vows”

  1. Born a Wolf reminds me a bit of this….

    By the by; my brother-in-law is Irish. The dancing at the wedding reception was a bit of a drunken rendition of Riverdance! Yes, my relatives compete in Irish dancing, and his family just flat-out knows it!

    I enjoyed your site. 🙂


  2. Superb review Keelan, think you hit the nail on the head with these guys! Got to say, I really like Vows, they’re an ace band.


    1. Glad to hear you liked it.


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