The Radar Has Moved

I have decided to expand a little and move The Radar to its own blog. I am aware that I have only reviewed two bands so far and this move may be a bit premature.  But I feel that the best option is to give The Radar is own space to grow. I will also be looking to a recruit a team of contributors, kinda like The Avengers only without the violence and superpowers. So if you are a writer with an interest in music and think you would like to get involved then I would love to hear from you. And lets not for get the bands. Without you this would not be possible. So Keep those music submissions coming.  Here is the link to the new Radar blog I look forward to seeing all of you over there.

Oh and please excuse the mess. As with any new house move it will take a little while until everything is sorted so don’t be alarmed if the design and layout mysteriously changes from day to day.

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