Raving Reviews


Hey everyone. Not sure if you already know but I am the editor of Raving Wild's website. They are an indie-folk band from England, I reviewed them earlier on The Radar if you remember. well anyway I also write a column on the website called Raving Reviews. I have just written my first review of … Continue reading Raving Reviews

A Song For The Weekend: Pendulum

It's that time again. Sorry for missing out in the last ASFTW (A Song For The Weekend) segments hopefully the Midweek Madness posts made up for the absence. So anyway,  for this weeks segment I have decided to select a band who have also been neglecting their work. Pendulum! Well I say neglecting, when in … Continue reading A Song For The Weekend: Pendulum


In order to understand drama it must be broken down. When drama is broken down to its basic elements we see that it is just like religion. I think that drama, like mass and other religious ceremonies, centres on the ideals of a religious performance. Both can be seen a means of delivering a message … Continue reading Drama

New Post on Intentious.com

It has been a while since I wrote anything new  for intentious.com. I've been so scattered lately writing for here and there. But I am trying to get more organised. Below is an excerpt from my newest article,  'Suburban War in the Olympic Village'. It is an exploration of the heavy-handed defence plan for the … Continue reading New Post on Intentious.com

Midweek Madness: A bit of Scroobs

That's Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip to you. I came across these guys last year at the Indiependence Music and Arts Festival and they were more then impressive. The only way I can think of describing them is like modern poetry infused with electro dance music? Or something along those lines.. Well anyway I … Continue reading Midweek Madness: A bit of Scroobs