Hmm…Something looks a bit different here

For those of you already familiar with my blog you will probably notice the big tri-colour banner and the large amount of Ireland football crests in the background. I am sure that most of you have put two and two together and realised why I have come over all patriotic all of a sudden. For the rest of you, scratching your heads in pure bewilderment, I will spell it out for you. It’s EURO FEVER!! And I’m not talking about the imminent collapse of Europe and the single currency. Euro 2012, that magical event that takes place every four years, where the greatest teams in Europe and possibly the World come together and fight to the death. Ok maybe its not that extreme, football after all is a non-contact sport. But 16 nations, from all corners of the continent come together to battle for the coveted victors crown.  And so back to the Irish flag. I am hoping by this stage that you have realised that I am Irish and proudly showing my colours.

Football fans will undoubtedly realise that Ireland’s chances of success are incredibly slim. Having lost to Croatia in dubious circumstances, which I wont get into right now, and having only the former and current World Champions left to play, It is clear to all neutrals that Ireland need a miracle. But don’t try telling an Irish supporter that! Its not a case of over-confidence in any shape or form but merely pure optimism that will not deflate until long after the competition has ended. And so bearing that in mind, I have somehow managed to peel myself away from the constant stream of football matches on the telly to convert my blog to a micro-homage to the ‘Boys in Green’.  SO COME ON IRELAND!! Spain who?? ( I am really going to regret this tomorrow evening)

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