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It has been a while since I wrote anything new  for I’ve been so scattered lately writing for here and there. But I am trying to get more organised. Below is an excerpt from my newest article,  ‘Suburban War in the Olympic Village’. It is an exploration of the heavy-handed defence plan for the London Olympic Games, otherwise knows as ‘The Olympic Ring of Steel’. Click READ MORE to see the original article.

In an effort to make the javelin throw more interesting this year, the Olympic committee have approved some eyebrow-raising amendments. Rather then using the conventional javelin, athletes will instead use high velocity surface to air missiles. Well I say athletes, but they do not have the technical know-how to handle such a sophisticated system. So they naturally will be replaced by soldiers. Also seeing as the Olympic stadium will not be large enough to hold such an event, several new locations have been selected. One of which is the roof of the Bow Quarter residential complex shown below. READ MORE

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