Raving Reviews

Hey everyone. Not sure if you already know but I am the editor of Raving Wild‘s website. They are an indie-folk band from England, I reviewed them earlier on The Radar if you remember. well anyway I also write a column on the website called Raving Reviews. I have just written my first review of ‘Jape’. I’d be grateful if you’d pop over and check it out. And while your over there why not check out the bands music. I am sure you will be impressed. Below is a segment from the review. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Hello and  welcome to the very first Raving Review, or RR (try saying that ten times in a row) for short. My name is Keelan and I am a music blogger. I am sure the Raving Wild guys have already introduced me  so I’ll try keep this intro short. Well anyway the aims of Raving Reviews is to  showcase the diverse range of musical talent out-there. So basically I will be highlighting a broad range of bands and musicians from across the globe. So whats the point of all this? I hope to use RR to draw attention to some of  the smaller bands out-there who deserve to be listened to. Also hopefully we can get an interesting musical discussion started here. I promised to keep this intro short. Sorry I lied but I am finished now and its time to introduce the first band. READ MORE

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