My blog has just reached and surpassed a very important milestone today. This milestone of course being the 20,000 mark. When I started this blog back in October I never even dreamed of of receiving this much views. And its not hard to see why as my monthly views between October and January never went higher than 50. I remember thinking that February was a magical month when my view counter went above 200.

The past few months have been a great experience. Not only have I developed my own writing but I have also connected with many fascinating people. Blogging is not a solitary activity and so I would like to thank all you readers and followers for helping me reach this level.

Seeing as this is mainly a music blog I should probably mark the occasion with a song. A few good ones come to mind, but Primal Scream just seems suitable. I’m not going to do a pun about moving on up with my blog, I’ll let the song speak for itself. So anyway, thanks guys for reading, looking forward to building up my blog and getting acquainted with more of ye in the future.

25 responses to “20,000 Views”

    • Thank you. There is no special formula unfortunately. My advise would be to engage and interact with other blogs. Also just stick with it, try to write regularly and keep your readers wanting more. Best of luck with your blog.


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