I have had a serious bout of writers block for the past week which you may have noticed. I am not entirely sure why but every time I went to write something I just drew a blank. So then I came up with the extremely clever and unique idea of ‘writing about not having anything to write about’. But then I took a look around some of the other fine blogs on WordPress and realised that this idea is far from original. Which brings me back to square one. I am sure a lot of ye have noticed two things at this stage. One, this blog post is just a whole lot of pointless rambling. And two, I am still writing about not having anything to write about. But either way I have managed to string together over 135 words so far.

It’s kinds like how college essays work, only without the random quotes which make it seem like you actually did some research.

I would like to thank anyone who has managed to read down this far without giving up. Your efforts are not without reward. Well that entirely depends on how you define the word ‘reward’. But I am going to post a song at the end of this, one you more than likely would not have heard today if you had read this post to the end.  Ah crap, now I have to think of a suitable song to post at the end of this. I am not making things easy on myself. Ok I might as well pick something by Dire Straits seeing as I have never posted any of their songs before. (Also according to my WordPress stats page I have one viewer from Brunei today. And as you may or may not know the leader of Brunei is called the Sultan) You know whats coming next.