Here’s a bit of Kasabian for you on this fine morning (Yes I realise that this might not apply to everyone because a) it might not be morning in your timezone and b) the weather might not be fine either. But don’t worry because I am not sure of both factors mentioned above relate to my circumstances either because a) I don’t get up early and its hard to say if it’s actually morning or afternoon and b) I have no idea whatsoever if the weather is fine outside. I haven’t actually checked yet.)  But we will press on all the same.

I have selected three of my favourite Kasabian songs to showcase today. L.S.F. Empire and Processed Beats aren’t just great songs by Kasabian. In a sense they are Kasabian. They effortlessly mark and denote the bands unique style. But of course I am leaving out a lot of other great songs by the band. So what would your Kasabian top 3 look like?


  • L.S.F.


  • Empire


  • Processed Beats



8 responses to “Kasabian”

  1. Underdog
    Vlad The Impaler

    And as much as I love Fire, I’m going to go with Switchblade Smiles for the time I heard them play it at a festival here and it was beyond phenomenal. That opening bassline… It vibrated across the whole stadium and I’ve never heard anything like it. You know, that type of reverb that makes your chest shake. Ahhhh man…

    That’s my mushy Kasabian moment done. They’re great guys to boot!


    • Ah Vlad The Impaler. I really do love that song. Now that you mention it I don’t know why I excluded it from the list.

      I can only imagine what you mean about Switchblade Smiles. I had to turn down a free ticket to their gig in Dublin next week. Your little story makes it even more harder. But thanks for sharing all the same.


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