Busy Times


This blog is starting to get seriously neglected. But at least this time writer’s block is not responsible. Rather than have nothing going on in my life to talk about, I now have too much. Well not exactly too much, but the point of this story is that I am in fact busy, with actual things to do.I should probably give an example now. Okay, how about this:

I went to my first music festival as a music journalist last weekend. It was an amazing experience filled with music and muck go leor. I am currently trying, and I stress the word trying, to compress three days of music into a mere 800 word article. It will hopefully be up on Gigwise either at the end of this week or the start of the next one. Also when that’s done I promise I will put up some personal posts about Indiependence (The fest I covered).

Also I have just been offered a photo pass for Electric Picnic, Ireland’s largest music festival. You can imagine my apprehension as I have never done anything even remotely related to live event photography. But when you are offered passes to Ireland’s largest festival, you take them.

I probably have more news, but that’s enough about me for now. How are you doing? Have a good weekend, do anything interesting?

And now you are probably expecting a song? How about Feeder’s newest one? It’s called Borders and is taken from their album Generation Freakshow. I think it’s a great tune. Not exactly like the Feeder we all know and love, but still a good song. Let me know what you make of it?


3 thoughts on “Busy Times

  1. Congratulations with the pass, must be exciting as hell! I got offered a press pass for the Worcester Music Festival last weekend, but it’s on the same weekend as Reading Fest, which I’ve already bought my ticket and bus for, so gutted.


    1. The line up for Reading looks very impressive this year and would be well worth going to. Enjoy!! I have never actually heard of the Worcester Music Festival so I must look it up. I would love to travel across the water some summer and cover as many British festivals as possible. Ye have a serious amount going on over there.


      1. Yeah! Really looking forward to seeing The Cure, Foos, Crystal Castles, Trash Talk, etc. Neither did I, but an opportunity came up to to a preview/overview for it, which I did (s’on my page). Yeah, I’ve heard Ireland’s not too good with gigs and stuff? I don’t get why, it can’t be that much of a hassle, especially for big bands. But you guys do have some great bands that seem to play in small local places… sure I know someone in Ireland who went to see And So I Watch You From Afar in a house, crazy!


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