This blog is starting to get seriously neglected. But at least this time writer’s block is not responsible. Rather than have nothing going on in my life to talk about, I now have too much. Well not exactly too much, but the point of this story is that I am in fact busy, with actual things to do.I should probably give an example now. Okay, how about this:

I went to my first music festival as a music journalist last weekend. It was an amazing experience filled with music and muck go leor. I am currently trying, and I stress the word trying, to compress three days of music into a mere 800 word article. It will hopefully be up on Gigwise either at the end of this week or the start of the next one. Also when that’s done I promise I will put up some personal posts about Indiependence (The fest I covered).

Also I have just been offered a photo pass for Electric Picnic, Ireland’s largest music festival. You can imagine my apprehension as I have never done anything even remotely related to live event photography. But when you are offered passes to Ireland’s largest festival, you take them.

I probably have more news, but that’s enough about me for now. How are you doing? Have a good weekend, do anything interesting?

And now you are probably expecting a song? How about Feeder’s newest one? It’s called Borders and is taken from their album Generation Freakshow. I think it’s a great tune. Not exactly like the Feeder we all know and love, but still a good song. Let me know what you make of it?