Pop Songs I Don’t Hate

I wanted to call this post ‘Pop songs I can mildly tolerate without losing the will to live and wishing I had a hot poker to drive into my ears so the last thing I didn’t hear as I left this world was the sound of that ghastly song’. But It was just a bit too long for the title section and also might have been a bit extreme.  So instead I opted for pop songs I don’t hate. It seems a little less psychotic. This section, well assuming that it grows into a section, will be a place where I feature popular songs or over-hyped artists who fill me with the tiniest bit of faith in modern pop music.

For the first week I have decided to go with the new one from Bruno Mars. You know that one which everyone keeps saying sounds like an old Police song. I have my issues with Mars (The singer, not the planet). I don’t rate him too highly if I’m to be honest. He’s a man who goes through phases of ripping off other artists musical style. James Brown, need I say anymore. And now it seems that he has cast his beady eyes on to The Police (once again to clarify, I am talking about the band). And this is the only reason why I am paying him any attention. His selection was entirely by default. Why you ask, well I hope you ask, seeing as I cannot hear you (excuse the pun) I will automatically assume
that you are.

The only reason I picked this song is because well if the police were to come back, deflate stings huge ego and release this song, I would love it. I have always believed that a song should be judged separately from the singer. And so this is why you may also find yourself listening to Bruno Mars on my blog.

I probably shouldn’t say anymore in case I talk myself out of posting this. So here goes nothing. I’m posting a pop song on my blog. Should anything go wrong I would just like to thank all my followers and readers. Without you this blog would be pointless.

But wait, there’s more. It wouldn’t be fair unless I offered an alternative right? I’ll let you decide which is better. If, like me, you prefer the second one then please feel free to leave a comment. However if you find yourself going with the first one then please keep your opinions to yourself (of course I am joking, all opinions are welcome, even wrong ones)

28 thoughts on “Pop Songs I Don’t Hate

      1. Oh I’m sorry, I never read back over anything I write. I’m just not able to without losing concentration. Thanks for pointing it out though, I’m sure there is another 20 in there somewhere.


  1. Interesting article, idea and viewpoint (love to see more examples), though my approach is the polar opposite when it comes to Bruno Mars:)
    I think he’s a good pop songwriter and singer, has had a hand in quite a few other great pop songs of the last few years, and as I also loved The Police throughout their career, beginning to end, I really ought to love the new song. Oddly I don’t though (so far). maybe it’ll grow on me…..


    1. More Pop song articles are on the way I assure you. Just wanted to test the water with this first one, and so far the feedback seems positive. The only reason I even know this Bruno Mars song is because I have been listening to a lot of day time radio lately. Needless to say, if you throw enough muck at a wall some of it is going to stick. It would be wrong to say that I like this song though. Lets go with ‘Tolerate’..


  2. However much I like the beginning of the song, it still makes me want to sand down the chorus, were it be physically possible. I’ll look forward to hearing more of the pop songs you don’t hate.


      1. I should have known what the clip would be – I picked up on the similarities when I first heard the Mars song. How about the Prince feel to Frank Ocean’s Bad Religion?


  3. Lol, interesting post about pop song.. Never really like Bruno Mars but he is not that bad. The Police in other hand sounds nice 🙂


  4. this is awesome. Bruno Mars is a solid “I feel so guilty but I actually don’t hate this as much as I know I should” contender.


  5. This is actually my first time hearing this Mars song. Yes, it is reminiscent of Roxanne.

    I’m not knocking Mars at all but I wouldn’t pay money for it. I have bought a lot of the Police. That should indicate where I sit.


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