Pop Songs I Don’t Hate – Vol 2


I know my blog is pretty much a shrine to all thing non pop related. But still, I thought it would be easier than this to pick out a few tunes which aren’t all that bad. But no, this experiment is proving to be much tougher than I ever anticipated. Perhaps this column will have to become a monthly thing. But for now I guess I’ll just play it by ear.

So anyway,  for this edition of pop songs I don’t hate I have decided to play it safe, well sort of safe,  with the newest musical offering from Calvin Harris and Florence Welch. The song is called Sweet Nothing and features a combination of both the infectious dance tunes and loud belting vocals which we have come to associate with the pair respectfully.

Once again I chose this song due to overexposure to radio-waves (basically it has been played constantly on the radio and thus has taken up temporary residence in my head). Does this make it a good song? No it doesn’t, but it is not as irritating as its various other daytime radio counterparts.

So I will leave you with that, if you do not know the song then have a look at the music video below. And as always be sure to let me know what you think of this weeks selection.


And now for the alternative choice. It’s also a tough one. I want to pick something that’s similar to the above but not necessarily a pop song. Any ideas? Send in your choice on the back of a post card to the following address:

Keelan Foley Towers,

123 Fake Street


Or alternatively if you find that you are asking  yourself  ‘what is a postcard?’ , you can always leave a comment below.

I also accept pigeon messages although the average response time may be anything form 25 to 1024 working days.

6 responses to “Pop Songs I Don’t Hate – Vol 2”

  1. It’s dsfinitely something different. Luckily, for me, i do not listen to the radio but I heard this song about a month ago on a website and didn’t hate it either.


  2. Songs I don’t hate that end up mainstream? Could be a good one. “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore? Hoping they don’t kill that song… I’ve been listening since the single came out. Any Ellie Goulding as well.


  3. I am so old school- I listen to the ‘oldies’ stations almost exclusively, which now include the eighties, the nineties, and every decade before-


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