Thank You For A Great 2012


This is just a quick post to thank each and every one of my readers for making 2012 a special year for me and my blog. Seeing as I started out back in October 2011, last year was my first full calendar year and with almost 34,000 views and 1375 followers it’s fair to say that it has been a successful one. Thanks for all your comments and likes. They have added new dimensions to all my posts and above all else they proved that someone was actually reading them.

As for 2013 plans, it really is too early to say. But for those of you familiar with my blog you’ll know that my New Year doesn’t start till February. And for those of you asking why, perhaps you should read this post.

Coming up in the next few weeks I will be interviewing the talented Brian Offredi a.k.a. Golden BC as well as bringing you a diverse host of up and coming bands and artists.

But for now, let’s get the ball rolling with an Irish band called Little Green Cars. I already featured one of their songs ‘The John Wayne’ in my Top Tracks of 2012 List. With their highly anticipated debut album soon to be released and heavy backing from RTE 2FM (Ireland’s National Broadcaster) It’s fair to say that they are the band to watch in the coming year. Now whilst I might have some issues with Little Green Cars such as their style of music and the fact that they have already began to mold themselves to suit the American market. But there is no denying their talents and any song that contains the line  ‘I put mice in the kitchen to see if you’d kill them’ is good enough for me.

Which brings me on to their new single, Harper Lee. You can watch them perform it live at the Ruby Sessions below or head over to spotify to listen to the studio version.

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