Introducing: Madeline Mondrala



The Introducing section is starting to fill up nicely here on my blog. Over the last few days I’ve received some albums and EP’s from a number of exciting Irish and International artists who I will be featuring in the coming weeks. But first, here’s something I was sent last month.

Singer, Songwriter, Pianist and Composer, Madeline Mondrala, grew up in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.  She has been writing songs since she was a child and recently released her debut EP, Cloud. Recorded and produced at SUNY Purchase College, New York, with a team of fifteen musicians it’s fair to say that Cloud is an ambitious experiment, especially as a debut. The use of organic samples from original instruments is refreshing and provides a distinctive edge to the overall sound of the EP. From the self styled hip-hop sounding ‘Blood Brother’ to the subtle frailty of ‘Busy’ it is clear that Cloud is book-ended by individuality.

As a demo tape Cloud works exceptionally well, effortlessly showcasing  the multi-faceted talents of Mondrala and co. But as a record it is rather disjointed and unsure of itself. Each track, though expertly polished, differs and bears no relation to the others. For the future perhaps Mondrala may have to focus on one particular style or at least find a better way of amalgamating the current mix. Either way I have no doubt that we will be hearing more from Madeline Mondrala in the not so distant future.

Cloud can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp, or streamed below.

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