Introducing: Sparkle Motion

Sparkle Motion

Sparkle Motion is a three-piece alternative rock band from Castlemaine, County Kerry, with their sights set on nothing less than the coveted headline slot at Glastonbury. The band consists of brothers Kevin and Thomas O’Brien as well as bass player DD Foley who I recently caught up with to talk about life as a musician from the Kingdom.

For a young band, Sparkle Motion have a wealth of experience when it comes to playing live gigs. They have graced the stages of the Rose of Tralee festival with a triumvirate of performances, where they have had the honour of opening for bands such as Delorentos.

“When there is a good crowd at the gigs playing in Kerry can be unbelievable. We played in Courtney’s bar in Killarney once at a gig for the Pieta house foundation which was great.”

They played their first gig at the Tralee KDYS and are grateful for the support they have received through-out the years. “We owe John Buggy a lot for organizing our gigs, he always gave us advice on our music.”

So what does the future hold for this Kerry trio? As a band they are committed to their trade with both Kevin and DD studying music courses in college.

“At the moment education comes before the band but in a few years we will certainly be putting the band first. And eventually headline Glastonbury!”

With both youth and talent on their side it seems that the future is shimmering brightly for Sparkle Motion.

Find them on Facebook, TwitterBandcamp and other shady corners of the internet.


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