Makings – Lunatic E.P.

makings band

Luuunnnatic, I see you loving like a Luuuuuuuuuuuuunatic!! What better way to start this review then with the same lyrics and ferocious intensity as the opening of Makings debut E.P. ‘Lunatic’. Okay so my words might not carry the same levels of enthusiasm but I am counting on you to utilize your imagination. If such device is unavailable at this time then feel free to hit the play button below.

As previously mentioned, this is the debut musical offering from the ‘Irish Quartet’, Makings,  and it’s arrival could not be more accurate. At a time where rock music has become diluted by ‘indie’ and subsequent ‘rockstars’ have fallen into the recesses of the all dreaded self-importance, Makings original brand of Lunacy offers a much needed respite. The band is made up of, If I may borrow some words from the press release, ‘…actor Rick Burn, compared to Axl Rose and Mike Patton, guitarist Shock- who wears only a Scottish accent and a pair of jump leads, Keelster – the harmony king and Mr Renolds – who sits comfortably against the back wall belting a drum kit…’

(The new video for Icarus. I get the connection with flying to close too the sun and all that.. But why the garage or more to the point why the ‘crazy hands dance’ by guitarist ‘Shock’ Must be something to do with his name.)

But Makings are far from a novelty act with each song on this four track E.P. possessing exceptionally high musical qualities and the ability to stand alone as a single. It is rare that such quality comes from a debut release. Notable tracks include, well, all of them but especially Icarus and Locher Avenue.

At present, there is no info on upcoming album/E.P. releases. But from the evidence put forward in ‘Lunatic’ one could not be blamed for predicting that any and all future releases from Makings will be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Keep up to date with the band on their Facebook Page.

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