The Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival

Jack of Diamonds Festival

Before I forget, there is a great free music festival taking place in Dublin this weekend coming. It’s called the Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival and boasts an impressive line up including ‘The Hot Sprockets’ and ‘John Blek & The Rats’ spread throughout the city in a number of prestigious music venues. Here’s what the organisers have to say..

‘The Jack of Diamonds Rhythm & Roots Festival aims to bring to you the best roots music lurking from all corners of Dublin city…. and let us tell ye there is a whole load of it to go round!!!.  Taking its name from Rory Gallagher’s version of an old folk song ‘The Cuckoo’ it is the only Rhythm and Roots festival in Dublin.

Rhythm & Roots stretches across many spectrums of music we aim to bring them all together underneath the venue roofs of Dublin City and then blow them off again!!! We feel very strongly about having our city see and hear this wonderful music and promise you will not be disappointed by what it offers.

So for 2013 come along, pin back your earholes, get on yer dancing shoes and come join us for a weekend of musical mayhem in Hootenanny like this city has never seen!!!!’

For more info..



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