New Music: Keith Moss & The Tightrope Walkers

Keith Moss & The Tightrope Walkers – Fat Men Have To Eat

Are you fed up with the economic downturn? Well so are Keith Moss & The Tightrope Walkers, even though technically Ireland emerged from recession earlier today (according to the latest CSO reports anyway). Their new single, entitled ‘Fat Men Have To Eat’.  is a retrospective backlash at the greedy minority who brought the country to its knees.  This evocative track (with the help of corresponding video directed by the band’s bassist, Elton Mullally) draws attention to the greedy few who profited off the demise of a nation.

But social and political elements aside, this new single from Keith Moss and Co, taken from the debut album ‘What Eludes You Moves You‘, is actually an interesting song, with apt lyrics and a hook laden chorus. A potential front-runner for Ireland’s recession-time national anthem? (although it may face some competition from Christy Moore’s ‘Ordinary Man for that accolade).

keith moss

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