A Band For The Weekend: The Statics

the statics

Yes, I said band! I wanted to kill two birds with several stones in the form of a single blog post this weekend, so I have quite cleverly (even if I may say so myself), decided to combine the ‘song for the weekend’ segment with the new band ‘introducing’ segment. Call it crafty, lazy, whatever you prefer, but either way, like it or not, I will introduce you to a new band this weekend. Now I’m sure of two things, one being that I used one too many commas in that last sentence and the other being that I’m yet to formally introduce this mystery band. So lets cut this mindless babble short.

The Statics, Irelands contemporary throwback to the swinging sixties, are a Dublin based rock band consisting of  Liam Gardner (Vocals, Guitars), Daragh O’Connell (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Jacqueline Campion (Drums) and Thomas Nugent (Bass). Their nostalgic stylings, adept musicality and vocal abilities are refreshing and do well to transport listeners to an era when ‘pop music’ was far less offensive to the ears. But the secret to The Static’s success is their ability to retain strong shards of originality whilst channeling so much from times long gone. Here’s what the band have to say for themselves.

Mixing the pop sensibilities of the Beatles, the snarling vocals of The Arctic Monkeys and not forgetting the rhythmic acoustic guitars of the Everlys (and hopefully their harmonies!) The Statics are a truly powerful force live and on record.

After the great success of their Debut Single Release “Holiday” back in November 2012, The Statics have been busy gigging all over Ireland promoting their sound . With invitations to play festivals such as Sea Sessions, Casltepalooza, Ballinamore Fringe Festival, and having just been announced on the bill for this year’s Vantastival Festival 2013, no doubt now is the perfect time to release the band’s Debut E.P “Hidden Pigeon”.

And so there you have it. Seeing as I am showcasing a band, rather than a song, I have included two tracks for your consideration. If you like what you hear you can follow the band on Twitter, like them on Facebook and even download their new E.P. on iTunes.

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