Introducing: My Tribe Your Tribe

My Tribe Your Tribe is the solo project of musician and former Boy Lights Fire frontman, George Mercer. Since the disintegration of previous band related activities earlier this year, Mercer has been proactive in his quest for musical development and in such he has discarded the humble guitar in favor of keyboards, drum machines and other such digital apparatus which has allowed My Tribe Your Tribe to experiment and grow whilst churning out captivating, ear-pleasing and utterly relaxing electronic music.

Such aspects mentioned above were present in Mercer’s premier offering, the aptly named Vol. 1 EP, a  record which offered up a glimpse of the Dubliners potential musical talents. But as to be expected with debut E.P. releases, Vol 1. was far from refined (which is more inevitability than criticism). But thankfully though, the latest offering from My Tribe Your Tribe, the Vol. II E.P. has more than picked up the slack and in such hones in on a more unique and personal sound and identity.

The E.P. was launched on November 4th with the release of the ‘upbeat dance floor track’ Sunset. Following on from this, MTYT released their second track off the record on the following Monday and the third on the Monday after that. Tomorrow, Monday 25th, marks the release of the final track, Brave Reunion which in turn will finalise the release of Vol. II.

My Tribe Your Tribe‘These songs are intentionally intimate, and collectively about coming to realize a kind of deeper connection with people and the universe’…

I wanted to let broader influences determine the outcome, instead of forcing myself down any particular avenue. It seems to be a healthier and more satisfying journey’.

It’s hard to nail down a standout track from the E.P. as each is seemingly designed to support and compliment each other. But in saying that Brave Reunion (tomorrows release) most definitely contains shades of something special (and you only have to wait 24 hours to find out for yourself).

At present, My Tribe Your Tribe perform as a 4-piece full live band with a vinyl release and spate of gigs coming up in the new year. You can find MTYT on Facebook and all tracks mentioned in this post can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

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