A Song For The Weekend: Ordinary Love

U2 are very much the human embodiment of Marmite. Some people love them whilst more love to hate them. Of course the Dublin four-piece differ greatly from the notorious sickly brown goo. These differences can be quantified in the form of the Irish bands Grammy success, record album sales or even their high protein content (although that last one might be the Marmite). Well anyway, with it being 2014 (Happy New Year by the way) the first weekend of 2014 to be exact, I thought I’d better start as I mean to go on. Hence the Song For The Weekend Post.

U2 are one of my favourite bands, just thought I should make that clear. And with a new album on the way and a freshly pressed new single already out there for public consumption I’d be hard pressed to find a better candidate for 2014’s first  song.

Ordinary Love, the first sign of life from Bono and co since way back in 2009, was released in conjunction with the new Mandela biopic (right up Bono’s street). Strangely enough the track has received little to no attention and even less affection from those high and mighty gods (The Established Media). But I’m here to make a Spartacus-like stand and say that I, Keelan Foley, of sound body and mind (perhaps one step too far??) do like this new musical offering from U2.

The track is somewhat reminiscent to the ‘No Line On The Horizon’ album which in turn is reminiscent to the finer elements of U2’s back catalogue. I think that’s sufficient rabble from me.. so here’s this weekend’s track. Enjoy!

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