Merry Christmas Everyone (okay even I think that was a bit too early)

It’s chhriiissstttmmaaaaasssss!! Well not quite, but it is the first of December so I guess my rather enthusiastic Slade impersonation (imagination required) isn’t too out-of-place. But still, where has the time gone! Seems like only yesterday I was making new years resolution’s and yet here we are preparing to bid adieu to another year.

But we’re not there yet. Not even close! December is a month of celebration and tradition and there’s one very important staple custom that I like to uphold on my blog. That of course being the ‘Album of the Year’ countdown.

2014 has been a particularly impressive year for new albums and artists alike and composing this list has been no easy task. That is to say, I am still racking my brain, chopping, changing and juggling 2014’s audible bounty to fit a more conventional Top 10.

But whilst I continue to deliberate over this all important decision, I also want to hear from you. Which musical offerings have kept your ears captivated throughout the year? Let me know what your favoutite albums were in the comments below.

And now…. Sure it’s never too early for Christmas songs!


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