The Vaccines

The Vaccines are an English indie  band who formed back in 2010. Their  debut album, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, was released on March 2011 and reached number 4 in the UK Album Chart’s . They toured extensively last year playing a large variety of festivals. And that is where I discovered The Vaccines (although I was watching from the comfort of my own home) Below are two songs from their debut album as well as a track from their new album, The Vaccines Come of Age.

  • If You Wanna
  • Lack of Understanding
  • No Hope


5 thoughts on “The Vaccines

  1. Hi Keelan,

    Perhaps you know from visiting my blog that I am not exactly 20. More like 20+50.

    And 20+50 means I am not familiar with a lot of the music of the young.
    But I listened to the Vaccines and found myself toe tapping as I was writing. I liked it. 🙂

    I think we can learn a lot from all ages………and have fun doing it.

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    1. Good music shouldn’t be age restrictive. Some of my favourite bands are from the 60’s But not everything current has merit. Good to hear you liked it all the same though.


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