Firstage – Putting real artists on a virtual stage

I’m a big fan of anyone who endeavours to promote good music. And so when I came across this innovative new app I had to shout about it.

Firstage is an interesting music app which provides a new channel for music discovery. It works by placing real artists on virtual stages all over the world. The stages are accessed by pointing smartphones/mobile devices at one of thousands of Firstage logo’s. “By simply pointing a mobile device at the logo, the Firstage app uses augmented reality to create a virtual stage”

In a way, Firstage allows musicians to simultaneously busk on multiple street corners, the cover of magazines or even on the top of a coffee cup. And I say busk (i.e. play music in a place for voluntary donations) because the app allows fans to tip artists.

All of the content and live performances on the app are recorded exclusively for Firstage. So not only do users get access to a pretty cool experience they also get access to unique content. And whilst doing so, they are supporting up and coming bands and musicians. So everybody wins!

Firstage is available to download via the App Store or Google Play.

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