A Song For The Weekend: Ordinary Love

U2 are very much the human embodiment of Marmite. Some people love them whilst more love to hate them. Of course the Dublin four-piece differ greatly from the notorious sickly brown goo. These differences can be quantified in the form of the Irish bands Grammy success, record album sales or even their high protein content (although that last one might be the Marmite). Well anyway, with it being 2014 (Happy New Year by the way) the first weekend of 2014 to be exact, I thought I’d better start as I mean to go on. Hence the Song For The Weekend Post.

U2 are one of my favourite bands, just thought I should make that clear. And with a new album on the way and a freshly pressed new single already out there for public consumption I’d be hard pressed to find a better candidate for 2014’s first  song.

Ordinary Love, the first sign of life from Bono and co since way back in 2009, was released in conjunction with the new Mandela biopic (right up Bono’s street). Strangely enough the track has received little to no attention and even less affection from those high and mighty gods (The Established Media). But I’m here to make a Spartacus-like stand and say that I, Keelan Foley, of sound body and mind (perhaps one step too far??) do like this new musical offering from U2.

The track is somewhat reminiscent to the ‘No Line On The Horizon’ album which in turn is reminiscent to the finer elements of U2’s back catalogue. I think that’s sufficient rabble from me.. so here’s this weekend’s track. Enjoy!


A Song For The Weekend: Latch


I haven’t done one of these in a while, a long while come to think of it. But rather than re-use the most commonly present sentence on my blog ‘sorry I’ve been busy bla bla bla’ I’m just going to get on with things, business as usual. (although to be honest I’ve been really busy lately with a number of projects and life events to name a few. But I’ll bring you up to date on all that during the week sometime) But for now, with it being the weekend and all..here’s your song.

Well technically it’s Sam Smith’s song, or is it Disclosure’s? But either way, to throw more confusion into the ring, it’s neither of above but actually a cover by Kodaline. (Am I making any sense?) Hopefully the video below, Kodaline’s Live Lounge appearance, will clarify everything.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kodaline why not check out my review of the Irish lads live slot at this years Indiependence Music Festival. If that doesn’t tell you anything about the band then you can find out whatever you need to know on the usual social media outlets and so on..

And now in a slight effort to re-insert the confusion once present in this post, here is the original version of the song in question.

And being the mad aggravator of public debate and discord that I am (why not sure) it’s question time. This is all becoming quite predictable now, but seriously I have to ask. Which do you prefer.. coffee or tea? (aka the cover version or the original). Or maybe you hate both and are one of those strange ‘hot chocolate people’? But if you have an opinion on either of the who songs,or hot beverages, please make use of the comment section below.

What’s Happening


Two years ago on this very day, a certain somebody decided to put fingers to keys and start a blog. The blog was of course this one and the person, have you guessed yet? It’s been a busy couple of years, starting with a handful of film reviews and even fewer followers. But somehow, against all the odds (que dramatic voiceover) this little blog refused to go down without a fight. And so, in what would later be described as a sort of Rocky training montage with blogging, this humble weblog started to grow.

And now, on the eve of the ‘Blog Awards Ireland’ finals, it’s only appropriate that this little blog says thanks. Okay I hate to spoil the ending, but the blogger in question is me. And whilst my writing endeavors might not have been as hard as Rocky’s in-ring exploits, they were still made a thousand times easier by you (you being anyone who has commented on or liked a post, followed my blog, sent an email or simply took the time to read my mindless babble). So thank you, each and every one of you. And so as tradition dictates, this post would be nothing without some form of song attached to the end. So how about my very first ‘Song For The Weekend‘?

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/rUd1nMC4YaE” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


A Band For The Weekend: The Statics

the staticsYes, I said band! I wanted to kill two birds with several stones in the form of a single blog post this weekend, so I have quite cleverly (even if I may say so myself), decided to combine the ‘song for the weekend’ segment with the new band ‘introducing’ segment. Call it crafty, lazy, whatever you prefer, but either way, like it or not, I will introduce you to a new band this weekend. Now I’m sure of two things, one being that I used one too many commas in that last sentence and the other being that I’m yet to formally introduce this mystery band. So lets cut this mindless babble short.

The Statics, Irelands contemporary throwback to the swinging sixties, are a Dublin based rock band consisting of  Liam Gardner (Vocals, Guitars), Daragh O’Connell (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Jacqueline Campion (Drums) and Thomas Nugent (Bass). Their nostalgic stylings, adept musicality and vocal abilities are refreshing and do well to transport listeners to an era when ‘pop music’ was far less offensive to the ears. But the secret to The Static’s success is their ability to retain strong shards of originality whilst channeling so much from times long gone. Here’s what the band have to say for themselves.

Mixing the pop sensibilities of the Beatles, the snarling vocals of The Arctic Monkeys and not forgetting the rhythmic acoustic guitars of the Everlys (and hopefully their harmonies!) The Statics are a truly powerful force live and on record.

After the great success of their Debut Single Release “Holiday” back in November 2012, The Statics have been busy gigging all over Ireland promoting their sound . With invitations to play festivals such as Sea Sessions, Casltepalooza, Ballinamore Fringe Festival, and having just been announced on the bill for this year’s Vantastival Festival 2013, no doubt now is the perfect time to release the band’s Debut E.P “Hidden Pigeon”.

And so there you have it. Seeing as I am showcasing a band, rather than a song, I have included two tracks for your consideration. If you like what you hear you can follow the band on Twitter, like them on Facebook and even download their new E.P. on iTunes.


A Song For The Weekend: Devils

analoge waveRemember Analogue Wave, the Dublin based electro duo I wrote about a couple of months ago? (https://keelanfoley.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/introducing-analogue-wave/) Well they’ve only gone and released an album, a debut album to be exact. And it’s a cracker. But don’t worry, you won’t have to rely on my solitary opinion for long. I’m working on an exclusive album stream which should be live on the blog Monday.

But for now, with it being Saturday and all, I’ve decided to dip into Analogue Waves new record, N.L.G. W.V., for this weekends song selection. Devils, is both album opener and embodiment of the groups commitment to high quality electro dub music. I could go on with a spate of flattering adjectives but I’d rather let the music do the talking (singing).

  • Analogue Wave – Devils

A Song For The Weekend: Taro

alt-jThe beauty of Alt-J (well for me anyway) is that I have no idea what Joe Newman (the band’s frontman) is singing. He could be spouting out streams of random babble and I’d have no idea (Please tell I’m not alone here). But surely this can’t be a favourable attribute for a band to possess. I mean if I wanted to hear an aimless band of gobbling turkeys I’ll listen to the 1975 (although I would most likely give my ears the once over with a molten poker before volunteering to do so). The secret to Alt-J, believe it or not, is the lyrics (but didn’t I just say that i couldn’t understand them). Well I suppose it’s fair to include their well tuned musicianship in the mix too, but unlike most incomprehensible bands Alt-J’s lyrics are actually thoughtful and manage to confront cliché-fuelled themes in a less than conventional manner.

Which leads me onto this weeks song. Taro, the closing track from the band’s debut album ‘An Awesome Wave’, was (until I Googled the lyrics) just a well worked song, with some attention grabbing musical riffs and other such delights. Of course I had no idea what was going on lyrically, but it sounded good and I had managed to piece together my own interpretation of the song lyrics (which enabled me to sing along, to some extinct, whilst it took up a semi-permanent residence in my head). But, as previously mentioned, I did cop-out and seek the ‘actual’ lyrics online… and wow. Everything makes sense now and the song has increased tenfold in both stature and style. But I’m not going to bang on anymore about the song lyrics. Feel free to search for yourself (unless of course you are fluent in the language of Alt-J and can understand every word uttered by the Leeds-onian/cunian (what do you call someone from Leeds?).

And thus ends my bracket-laden rant. Listen to Taro, read the lyrics, watch the music video, follow the band on your favourite social media platform and please, please, if like me, you cannot understand what the band are singing, then be sure to let me know. Otherwise I might just have to book myself in for a hearing test or two.

Two Songs For The Weekend: Why Not Sure

As the title suggests, I have selected two songs for this weekend. And of course, why not sure. So I have decided to mix things up a (very) small bit, with two bands that I respect and adore very much. I could rabbit on and try to justify my selections but it is probably best that I leave the bands speak for themselves.


  • Travis – Love Will Come True


  • The Hot Sprockets – Cold Cold Winter


Normal writing activities will resume soon I promise. But until then, sit back and enjoy the music. (I was going to say enjoy the ‘soundtrack’ but the rhyme was a bit too cheesy for my liking).