Happy New Year (Yes I know its February)

Happy New Year everyone. Yeah I know I’m a bit late, well unless of course your Chinese, in which case Happy Chinese New Year. Well I’m not Chinese, you probably guessed from my name. And I’m not mad, well that’s what the voice in my head keeps telling me anyway. So why the ‘happy new year’ two months late? Well there are two reasons for that. Well actually 3.

1. The first reason for this extremely belated New Years greeting would be down to my above mentioned sanity, or lack of it to be more accurate. But we don’t like to talk about that..NO I mean I don’t like to talk about that.

2. The second reason may be down to me forgetting to post this in the first place. This may may also be true but for the sake of this blog post lets say that its not. The real reason for this out of place New Years is about to be revealed.

3. I suppose you are expecting a proper reason by this stage. And the reason is, im insane. No wait, that was the first reason. No the real reason That I waited until now is because I have chosen not to acknowledge the start of 2012 until now. Yeah I know at this point your mind is made up and you’re going with number one. But bear with me here. The reason that I have chosen not to acknowledge the start of the new year until now is all down to the beloved ‘New Years Resolution’. I’m not sure on the stats, and couldn’t be bothered ‘googling’ them, so I will emulate our fine politicians, and simply make them up. Did you know that 700000000000.87% of all new years resolutions fail within the first month. Okay that’s probably a bit far fetched, but the gist of it remains true. The majority of new years resolutions do not last long. I believe that this is down to the obvious common denominator, January! And so the clear solution would be to avoid said month altogether. And I have, hence the ‘Happy New Year’.

My resolution this year is to focus more on my writing. To fulfill this I haven’t lifted a pen all last month. I feel that commitments taken up as a ‘fad’ so to say, or something rushed into will never be properly completed. I spent all last month thinking, mainly about my writing style and how to improve it. I made out plans for the year, and read as many books as i could get my hands on. This was all in preparation for the year ahead.

So what’s the point of this blog post? I suppose what I am actually saying, is to take your time and plan things out. Be your resolution to go on a diet or quit smoking. Take January as a wind-down month, rather than going ‘cold turkey’ and diving straight in the deep end. Sorry for all those cliché’s, but its the ‘cheesiest’ way I can think of to get my point across.

And so to sum up. There is a reason to say ‘Happy New Year’ in February. I’m not sure if it will catch on and worldwide New Years celebrations will be moved to February. But if they do, it will render this post useless and I will have to wait until march to start my year.


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