A Song For The Weekend: The Fallen

I recently came to the startling realization that my blog is lacking one vital component. Well it’s missing many but I just happened to spot this one. So what absence an I talking about? From the title of this post you may come to two very different conclusions. One, you may take the reference to The Fallen as an homage to the villainous robot/decepticon  from the Transformers films. Or two, you may already be familiar with the song  and thus have drawn the correct conclusion. The song is called ‘The Fallen‘ and the glaring omission from my blog is of course the Scottish band ‘Franz Ferdinand‘.

Below I have added a less than ordinary lyrics video that uses some interesting visuals to get the point across. Have a watch, have a listen and let me know what you think of this weeks song.


One response to “A Song For The Weekend: The Fallen”

  1. Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, The Smiths 🙂 \m/


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