Mumford and Sons – Babel

Mumford and Sons have done well over the years to forge a solid and comfortable throne for themselves. As the undisputed kings of modern day folk, they have brought the humble genre to new heights. With their previous musical offering, Sigh No More, reaching Quadruple Platinum success and their new album, Babel, looking very likely to surpass this, it’s fair to say that the Londoners have brought folk music to the masses. But have they brought the masses to folk?

Babel has already seen staggering success and propelled the band to the top of the album charts with the UK’s fastest selling album of the year so far. The reasons for this however may not be entirely or even remotely down to the music. It seems more likely that this surge in sales was triggered by the guilt of missing out on the debut album and a determination not to overlook the next. Musically, Babel offers up an irksome and insipid selection of tracks, the prime example coming in the form of their newest single ‘I Will Wait’. With the precision and subtlety of a sledgehammer it marks the bands slow and steady slip into the mires of pop.

But it isn’t all bad, don’t get me wrong. The title track, ‘Babel’, is fierce and embodies all the elements we’ve come to associate with Mumford and Son’s energetic live performances.  ‘Lovers Eyes’ is a timeless classic and true showcase of the bands ingenious talent. Other nostalgic fragments come in the form of ‘Not With Haste’ and ‘Holland Road’. But unfortunately great tracks are few and far between on this album. The search for which will have listeners feeling like a ‘truffle pig’ in search of rare and precious musical delights.


9 responses to “Mumford and Sons – Babel”

  1. I think it’s cool that Mumford & Sons are one of the few mainstream acts that retain an ounce of artistic integrity. That probably makes me sound like a grotty hiptser, but I’ll risk it. Besides that, I don’t see their music as anything special. A better bastion of modern folk taste would probably be Fleet Foxes: respectful of tradition,
    yet with a slightly experimental edge. That’s where I stand, at least.

    Thanks for reading my post, by the way. Like your stuff too. ‘Tis good.


  2. Good review, Keelan. I think Marcus Mumford’s real strength is his live performances – one way of getting a flavour is the wonderful movie the band made last year with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show called ‘The Big Easy Express’. I was lucky enough to see the premiere at SXSW and then hear them all play live in Austin. @martinrigby @psonar


  3. I now feel guilty for missing the debut album and will have to rectify that. Great review!


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  5. Do i have your permission to “ReBlog” this/Put this on my blog?


    1. Yeah feel free to use any of my blog posts once you provide a link back.



  6. Great review! Though I swear it is “I Will Wait”?


    1. No your spot on, don’t know how I messed that one up have been listening to it for ages. Cheers for pointing it out.


      1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I love that song. 🙂


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