Top 10 Tracks of the Year – Sun


The list and the ‘Irishness’ continues with the northern indie-rockers, Two Door Cinema Club. Their 2012 album, Beacon, provided an abundance of choice for this list. But above all one track stood out. That of course was ‘Sun’, which you probably could have guessed from the title. But anyway, it makes up the number six spot and slowly but surely moves this list one step closer to completion.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun


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12 responses to “Top 10 Tracks of the Year – Sun”

  1. hey Keelan, i know you mentioned a couple of times you’re not into pop music, what’s your preference?


    1. Ah good question. I don’t exactly have a favourite genre. I try to keep an open mind, or open ears to be more precise, when it comes to music. I find merit in all forms of music, even pop. But if I had to nail down one genre as my favourite it would probably be something along the lines of alternative-indie rock with a bit of folk thrown in for good measure.


      1. alternative indie rock with a hint of folk? that sounds so relaxing to the ears! lovely choice 🙂


      2. It was the easiest way of fitting everything into the one genre.

        I take it from your blog that you are into heavy metal? Ever venture outside your comfort zone?


      3. Yes, I do. I am a chick so I am entitled to listening to some pop music. I can never get into underground rap or xcore hip hop but I try to keep an open mind to all music. Anything in the rock genre is something I’ll always, always be a fan of xD


      4. You are ‘entitled to listening to some pop music’ I never knew you had to fulfill certain requirements in order to listen to Pop Music?

        I’m with you on the rap/RnB/hip hop and all that malarkey. Can’t stand the stuff in general. But I’m sure if I tried hard enough I’d find at least one song that I liked.


      5. God, I butchered the English language with that one! o.0

        Some people think its a “crime” to enjoy pop music now & then b/c I enjoy going to rock concerts. I have no problem going to a Children of Bodom concert and then going home and fall asleep to a relaxing Taylor Swift (//^.^)//

        Where I grew up is urban so I was surrounded by hiphop/rb, some is ALRIGHT but I wouldn’t go searching for it.


      6. Ah now, we are all entitled to desecrate the English language every once in a while.

        I see what you mean about taking every pop song on its merits and not exactly shunning it due to its genre. But I have a real problem with manufactured music. Especially with the amount of hardworking bands out there who are getting nowhere while the likes of One Direction make millions.


      7. lol I totaly understand but that’s the music biz, I suppose! However, I do enjoy telling people about my favorite bands who aren’t well known. It’s a great convo starter and makes me want to dig further to know everything about the bands.


  2. Freakin’ cool. A guitar-driven Keane type sound.


    1. I actually hadn’t copped the similarities till you mentioned it.


      1. Great tune. I wish we got a more full and steady diet of Brit side tunage here in the US. It’s been fun staying abreast of some of that through friends and relatives and your blog as well. Keep up the good work!


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