Top 10 Tracks of 2012 – Spotify Playlist


So as promised, below is the Spotify playlist for my Top 10 Tracks of the year. Have a listen and be sure to let me know what you think?

6 responses to “Top 10 Tracks of 2012 – Spotify Playlist”

  1. 2 Door Cinema! Great choice!


    1. Cheers!! It was tough deciding what track from the new album to use.


  2. How did you get the playlist on your blogpost? I have one on my sidebar, but have yet to learn how to embed in a post.


    1. I can’t really remember the details. But I think I just pasted the share code from spotify in the text section of the post. If it works in a widget it should work in a post no problem.


      1. Your post inspired me to work at it until I figured it out…thanks for showing me it was possible! 🙂


  3. I am listening to your top ten from Spotify. A few weeks back I tried to listen to their version of the best of 2012 and very disappointed. Now yet sure your choices will convince me but All I Want has some promise. I will keep listening.


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